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M.Hemanth reddy – Student from sathyabhama university

This workshop was really interesting. We had a great opportunity to learn many new things about sensors, Arduino board. Your way of explanation about programming the robot was really good. We enjoyed a lot through this one day workshop. Hope you will conduct more workshops like this in future days.

Sushmitha,Priyanka,Jeevana,Bindhu – student from sathyabhama university

This was the first experience for me to learn something practically about robotics. The assembling and programming the robot was really amazing. We all had a fantastic experience through this one day workshop.

V.Rakesh – Student from sathyabhama university

It was really interesting to know new things about robotics. We have learnt a lot through this one day workshop. The staff who explained about this everything are very kind and helpful towards every students. We get more interest with their way of explanation. It was a great experience by taking part in this one day workshop.

Vimalkumar,venkatesh,Hemanth,Teja – student from Sathyabhama university

We have learnt a new programming language about which we were unaware of. Through this one day programming we have learnt about assembling, connections and programming of the robot.

G.Joshua – student from sathyabhama university

Today was a wonderful day. We have enjoyed a lot while assembling, connecting, programming a robot. I thank IIR for making this day a wonderful one. We gained the basic knowledge about sensors, processor, and more aspects of robotics.

Vimal kumar – student from sathyabhama university

It was really a great opportunity for us to have hands on experience and practical knowledge about what and how a robot works. It has created a basic interest in my mind to climb next further steps on learning robotics.

V.Surya teja, - student from sathyabhama univerdity

It was a wonderful session today. We were enjoying the entire session in a fun and learn manner. Making a robot and programming it is really fantastic experience. Thanks for this opportunity.

Tarak Ram.M, Poorna chandu.M, Praveen,C.V, Krishna chaitanya.N, - students from sathyabhama university

Today’s workshop on robotics was really creative, innovative, and it was awesome. We have learned a lot through this workshop from the basics of robotics. We are glad to have this workshop today also to thank you and each one of your team for this great oppertunity.

G.Mickel Larwin, M.Nirmal kumar, K.Warjumana sathya moorthy – student from sathyabhama university

First of all we are so much happy to say thanks for the wonderful opportunity. We learnt a lot through this workshop. It is really useful for us even in future. Thanks a lot please come back again with some more advanced robots to teach us.

Kishore – student from SKR engineering college

This session was really interesting one. We have learnt a lot through this workshop. This was really useful for us also it helps us to improve our practical knowledge in the field of robotics. We were so much interested and excited to make a robot in our own. We request you and our college to conduct this kind of workshops in future days. Thank you so much for the great opportunity.

K.Deepika ,M.Gajalakshmi, P.Haripriya, H.Hernika – students from SKR engineering college

The workshop was really nice. This was totally a new experience for us. We have learned a lot from this workshop. The entire session was really informative one. Thank you for conducting this workshop.

M.Padmapriya, S.Kokila devi, P.Lawanya ,M.Nandhini – students from SKR engineering college

This workshop was really useful for all of us. This is the first time we are making robots. It was really interesting and exciting too. The coordinators were so kind full and helpful towards the students. We have learned different stages of making a robot such as assembling , connecting, programming and testing with performance. It was a great opportunity for us to learn about robotics in a better way.

P.Indumathi, D.K.Kavisree, N.Aishwarya – Students from SKR engineering college

The entire session was really nice. From the 2- days workshop we have gained practical knowledge in robotics. This workshop was really interesting too. Thank you for the wonderful experience with your team.

Dharini.M,Abnaya.R,Dhanapriya.I,Gajalakshmi.V – students from SKR engineering college

We learnt many things from this robotics workshop. All trainers were good at teaching. They helped us and trained us a lot. We thank you for giving this innovative workshop. We enjoyed a lot and at the same time we learned a lot. We gathered more knowledge from this robotics workshop. Thank you so much.

Department of Electronics and communication – SKR engineering college

Our students have gained lot of practical knowledge and innovative ideas about electronic components. Also they have explained the discipline of robotics technology precisely which was indeed very interesting. We need this kind of workshop in the forthcoming semesters also.

Aarthi – student from SKR engineering college

It was really interesting. We understood the concepts very well. The coordinators were amazing. We had a great session by learning robotics. We gained practical knowledge on Robots. We are eager to have you next year also in our college. Hope you had a great time with us.

R.Indumathi, K.Charumathy, P.Nirmala,S.Keerthana – students from SKR engineering college.

The workshop was very thought provoking. The slides were very useful and we all have gained some knowledge on robotics as well as programming the same. It enhanced practical knowledge and we had a great fun and learn session. The robotics workshop was very useful for us. It was our first workshop on robotics that provided us the platform to gain huge practical knowledge about advanced robotics.

K.Vijayadeepa – student from SKR engineering college

The class was very interesting. We have learnt something. Coordinators are very helpful to connecting the Robots. We have been enjoying the entire session by making robots. We haven’t had an experience like this before. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity.

G.Vineeth kumar gouda – student from sathyabama university

Excellent, this is the most wonderful experience in my life. By participating in this robotics workshop I got to know how a robot works and how to fix it. Thanks for all done by you for us. It was very interesting when I was assembling and programming a robot. Thanks a lot to Iwiz.

R.Kuralmathi, T.Keerthana, M.Ishwarya ,A.Janani – students from Sathyabama University during the one day workshop

This workshop was really interesting and we enjoyed well. Since it was a practical session we learn something that would be really useful in our final year projects. The staffs encouraged us very well and It makes us learn everything well.

Group of students from Jai Mathaji Engineering college while a workshop

This session is very useful for us. It increases our interest towards robotics field. It is very easy to understand with your method of teaching . Earlier we thought that making a robot is very difficult for us, but after this workshop we got to know that it is so easy to make robots in our own. Thanks for the opportunity.

K.Prasanna kumar – President of robotic club in Jaimathaji Engineering college

The workshop was really good. All the students were happy with your method of teaching and demonstration. This event was really worthy. We request you to visit us upcoming events also during.