Robotic Lab Set Up

IIR is a Multi-Disciplinary Robotic program specially tailored to train College Students on Robotics. We are now setting up Robotic Labs at colleges. We are famous for our Structured and Practical approach with high quality and nominal price. We are now carrying our strength and uniqueness towards Robotic Lab Set as the lab will be 200% more efficient but 300% lesser cost.

Content of Robotic Lab:

S.No Content Description
1 Boxes We have three level of Boxes using which one can develop 28 pre-designed Robotic Models.
2 Study Materials Working Principle and applications of all components in the form of CD
3 Robot Building Steps Steps to build the pre designed 28 Robots.
4 Programs 5 Arduino Programs for all 28 Robots.
5 Faculty We Train your faculty.
6 Support Our Technical Manager will visit periodically to give guest lectures and to evaluate and check the faculty further.
7 Robotic Exhibition We help for a Robotic Exhibition at the College
8 Help for Competition We help the Students to participate in Competitions.
9 One Day Workshop Based on the project chosen, a free one day workshop will be conducted.
10 Additional Robots We shall source and procure any Robot or materials you need in addition to our Box Content.
11 Curriculum The Syllabus and Way to train the Students

Our uniqueness: